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Another Natures Sunshine Secret to Better Health

After studying the healthiest populations of the world, food guidelines were developed, called the Alternative Healthy Eating Index. Following these guidelines have shown a 30 percent reduction in the onset of various diseases. These guidelines include:

  • Five servings of vegitables
  • Four servings of fruits
  • One daily serving of nuts or soy
  • 15 grams of cereal fiber
  • Less than .5 g of trans fat
  • More unsaturated fats than saturated
  • A daily vitamin
  • Moderate alcohol consumption

Sounds easy enough...until you factor in that the servings of fruits and vegitables should show incredible variety. Or until you consider that the nutrient content of fruits and vegitables has declined significantly over the last 50 years. Or that ingesting 15 grams of cereal fiber, while possible, takes a lot of work. Or that this type of diet is a major lifestyle change for the majority of Americans.

Most people’s diets lack seven different categories of nutrients:

  1. Vitamins and Minerals —must be obtained from food and/or supplements.
  2. Antioxidants —protect cells from damage caused by sunlight, enviro-toxins, etc.
  3. Essential Fatty Acids —“good fats” that support heart health and brain function.
  4. Probiotics —friendly bacteria that strengthen intestinal and immune health.
  5. Enzymes —break down foods for increased digestion and improved nutrient absorption.
  6. Fiber —absorbs water and toxins; helps eliminate waste; promotes colon health.
  7. Quality Protein —supports healthy metabolism and nourishes muscles.

Developing a "Healthy Habit" by using Nature's Sunshine Products goes a long way toward building a foundation of good health and steering you towards a healthier life.

Choose Your Healthy Habit Solution from the 2 Options below.

Option # 1: Healthy Start - Start Your Healthy Habit the Easy Way

Step 1 of 2: Add Super Trio 222-7
Multi Vitamin and Mineral + Omega 3 + Antioxidant

Step 2 of 2: Add Nature's Harvest 3090-6 - a healthy meal replacement drink.
Probiotic + Enzymes + Fiber + Fruits + Vegetables + Whole Grains + Super Foods + Greens + Pea Protein.

Anybody can use this program to get many of the basic daily nutrients they need. Healthy Start also qualifies for the Sunshine Rewards program for NSP members who want to get free shipping and free Natures Sunshine products every month! Here's another solution for you to consider:

Option #2: Healthy Choice - Customize your Habit of Health

Step 1 of 5: Add Super Trio 222-7
Multi Vitamin and Mineral + Omega 3 + Antioxidant

Step 2 of 5: Choose a Probiotic supplement
How are these product options different?
Step 3 of 5: Choose an Enzyme supplement
How are these product options different? Step 4 of 5: Choose a Fiber supplement
How are these product options different?
Step 5 of 5: Choose a Meal Replacement
How are these product options different?

Optional (but recommended!): Boost Your Health By Cleansing

Start with a clean slate. Add a cleanse to your program.
How are these product options different? Learn more about the importance of cleansing.

Start Your Healthy Habit Today and Share the BetterSunshine Way!