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BetterSunshine Online Store
12902 Honey Blossom Drive
Grand Island, FL 32735 USA
Phone Orders: (855) 855-1759

Amateur Radio Station: w o 4 o

You can call me "RiC." Those two round characters in my call sign are NOT zeros. And... you know that because you made it here!

Amateur Radio Station wo4o relocated to Grand Island, Florida, in April 2013 (after 23 years in historic Ridgetop, 15 miles north of “Music City” Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee).

wo4o QSL Policy:

As the "final courtesy" and for your convenience I QSL 100% via Logbook of the World (LotW) service by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).  I also reciprocate 100% DIRECT with a postcard QSL upon receipt of your QSL postcard and your Self-Addressed Envelope with adequate postage. Direct QSL postcards to DX must include adequate postage or send 2USD via PayPal to Please select "Send to Friends" to avoid paying the PayPal fee. Wo4o has logged more than 200,000 contacts worldwide from 1990 through December 2017. All have been uploaded to LotW. Contacts from 1969 to 1990 are M.I.A. -hi Please do not send QSL postcards to me via the Bureau. Thank you.

wo4o History:

  • 1969: My first Novice exam was passed (at Cincinnati, OH FCC Field Office) receiving call sign WN8CVW (TU "Elmer", WT8W).
  • 1969: My first ARS was a used, crystal-controlled, CW-only, 75-watt Lafayette Starlite KT-390 transmitter, a Hallicrafters SX-110 receiver and a homebrew multi-band dipole antenna for 80/40/15 meters. One crystal/frequency per band!
  • 1969: My first real-time radio game was the ARRL Novice Roundup and placed at #3 in the Great Lakes Division. (Two other OM in that NR are better known today as K1AR and N5RZ.)
  • 1971: Relocated to FL and passed my second Novice exam (at Tampa FCC Field Office) and received call sign WN4CQI.
  • 1975: Relocated to CA and passed my third Novice exam (at Los Angeles FCC Field Office) and soon thereafter upgraded to General license receiving call sign WA6KUI.
  • 1981: Relocated back to FL and operated as WA6KUI/4.
  • 1987: Relocated back to CA and operated as WA6KUI.
  • 1990: Relocated to TN and operated as WA6KUI/4 (until 1996).
  • 1991: Saw Jim/K4AMC operating Field Day using a semi-automated ARS making 100+ contacts per hour. This fast paced action lit a fire in me and, as a result, I began to operate in more real-time radio games.
  • 1993: Assembled a team of four players to compete in the CW North American QSO Party. We named the team the Tennessee Contest Group (TCG). To our pleasant surprise, we took First Place.
  • 1994: The desire and determination to become more competitive in real-time radio games motivated me to upgrade to Amateur Extra class.
  • 1996: Applied for a vanity call sign and WA6KUI/4 became wo4o.
  • 1996: The TCG became an ARRL affiliated radio club. Today the TCG is a very active club for real-time radio gamers.

wo4o Miscellaneous:

  • In a futile (but well-intentioned) attempt to give back to the hobby what I'd gotten out of it, I've served as a VE, taught CW classes and served as a TCG officer. 
  • 2006: Operated from TN as W1AW/4 with the TCG in the IARU HF World Championship.
  • 2008: Operated from IL as W9TAZ in Illinios QSO Party.
  • 2010: Operated from OH as W8BI in Ohio QSO Party.
  • 2010: Operated from IL as WX9U in Illinois QSO Party.
  • 2011: Operated from OH as N8O in Ohio QSO Party.
  • 2011: Operated from IL as N9T in Illinois QSO Party.
  • 2012: Operated from FL as N4O in Florida QSO Party.
  • 2014: Operated from FL as W1AW/4 with the FCG during the ARRL Centennial QSO Party.
  • 2015: Operated from FL as K4J in Florida QSO Party.
  • 2016: Operated from FL as N4O in Florida QSO Party.
  • 2017: Operated from FL as W4O in Florida QSO Party. (K0EJ Guest Op)
  • 2017: Operated from FL as W1N in North American QSO Party SSB (August).
  • 2017: Operated from CA as W6SR in California QSO Party.
  • 2018: Operated from FL as K4O in Florida QSO Party.
  • What's a Real-time Radio Game
  • More about Real-time Radio Games !
  • Revenues from my business ventures are invested toward improving the lives of people in approximately 50 DX entities, including 3W, 4X, 5N, 5V, 5X, 5Z, 8R, 9V, BY, CO, CP, CT, DA, DU, EA, EI, FG, G, GI, GM, HI, HK, HL, HR, I, JA, JT, KH2, KL7, LZ, OA, OD, P2, PY, ST, T8, TU, UA, UA0, UA9, UN, UT, V6, VK, VU, W, XE, YL, YO, YV, ZA, ZL, ZS, and more. 
  • Support the sponsor funding my toys/tools at: Nature's Sunshine Products Online Store U.S.A.

73 de RiC wo4o

P.S. He who dies with the most toys still dies -- and never takes his toys with him. Insomuch as I enjoy playing in real-time radio games, it’s only a hobby and a temporal pleasure. It pales in comparison to the One source of everlasting joy. The New Birth Explained