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Tennis Teacher: Ric Morton

10s-101: Tennis Lessons for Beginners ... All Ages

Hi my name is Ric -- a Certified Modern Tennis Methodology Teacher and Net Generation Coach offering tennis lessons for beginners of all ages in Lake County, Florida (between Orlando and Ocala) -- on public courts in Eustis, Leesburg, Mt. Dora, Tavares, and Umatilla.

In my "10s-101" (Tennis 101) program, comprised of 10 one hour lessons, beginners are shown how to stroke the ball correctly and they learn to allow their own natural athleticism to take care of everything else. The best biomechanical principles are taught to beginners learning to play their best tennis.

Maybe you're not a beginner at the game of tennis but you are stuck at a level below 4.0 based on the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). Let me know if you need my help to determine your NTRP level and when you want my help to advance to the next level.

What I enjoy most about teaching tennis is the One-on-One aspect. As such, for focused attention, only One-on-One private tennis lessons are offered. I like working with an individual and watching the person progress -- cultivating and seeing him/her grow.

You don't need to pay astonomical fees for a good tennis teacher who offers a One-on-One development program.

  • Private Tennis Lessons (1 Player): $30 Per Hour
  • Hitting Only Sessions (1 Player): $20 Per Hour
  • Silent Partner Quest Ball Machine (1 Player): $20 Per Hour
  • Discount: Buy 10 Lessons/Sessions, Get 1 Free
As a United States Tennis Association Verified provider through Net Generation, I completed the Safe Play Program and passed a background check. Another component of the program included a training course administered by the U.S. Center for SafeSport that shares how to recognize and prevent misconduct, and how to report misconduct when it does occur, which is critical when delivering youth tennis experiences.

Choosing a good tennis teacher and the right teacher may mean the difference between loving tennis and hating it. You can learn to play the game of tennis better -- quickly, easily and properly. Your game will never be the same!

Please contact me with your questions and when interested, set-up your first tennis lesson or hitting session. I'm eager to hear from you and I look forward to the opportunity to be your tennis coach.

I hope to see you on the court!



"Thank you so much for your dedication with helping me. It was probably difficult at times, but you definitely persevered! I wouldn't have improved as much as I have if you hadn't have been helping me. Tennis is now a sport I'll forever be able to enjoy, and at the beginning of the year I had complete opposite opinions." -Emma (Age 16) 2019

"I was surprised when my 16 year old daughter, Emma, decided to join the tennis team as a sophomore at her high school this year, especially when she has had absolutely no interest in the game since the 3rd grade. I knew she needed some serious tennis help, and quick! Knowing that her great-uncle played regularly, and was a certified instructor, I contacted him with our dilemma, hoping he might be able to assist in a crash course. He agreed to apply the Oscar Wegner philosophy and worked with Emma just before the season started and throughout the season. The results were far beyond my wildest expectations, as she became the 3rd seed on her team, and was partnered with the #1 seed in the doubles competitions, and ended up winning 57% of her matches, and in doubles, they placed 2nd in the district! Emma received "Most Improved Player of the Year" from her coaches as well. We are now looking forward to her junior year and what might be possible, as she has taken a serious interest in the sport. We can highly recommend this teaching method, and the personal interest and instruction that Ric Morton gives, to anyone that might want to witness improvement in their game. We've certainly seen for ourselves what can result, with the right attitude and effort." -Emma's Mother