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Urinary System Pack (30 Day Program)

By Natures Sunshine
Urinary System Pack (30 Day Program) 5387 NSP
  • Strengthens and balances the entire urinary system.
  • Provides potassium and sodium, essential to the urinary system.
  • Supports kidney health and function.

Urinary System Pack (30 Day Program) Information and Usage

Natures Sunshine Urinary System Pack is a body system pack for supporting the body’s filtration process by strengthening and balancing the entire urinary system, providing potassium and sodium, and supporting the kidneys.


Contents include:

Urinary Maintenance 2884. This herbal combination supports the delicate fluid and mineral balance controlled by the kidneys and helps promote proper urinary function. It also contains adaptogens that help the body adapt to stress.

Potassium Combination 3673. Provides necessary potassium to help maintain fluid and electrolyte balance in the body. Potassium is a critical component of the filtration and excretion process.

KB-C TCM 1016. This traditional Chinese formulation helps the kidneys remove toxins while protecting water-soluble minerals that support bone integrity. It also helps maintain the body’s proper acid/alkaline balance.

Urinary System Pack (30 Day Program) Label Information

Supplemental Facts
Instructions: Each day take the contents of one packet in the morning with breakfast, and the contents of one packet in the evening with a meal.
IngredientsPer Serving% DV

* Daily Value Not Established
Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Products not intended to treat, cure, or prevent diseases.
Urinary System Pack (30 Day Program)

60 Packets
Stock No. 5387

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