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Bee Pollen

By Natures Sunshine
Bee Pollen 70 NSP
  • Loaded with nutrients and vitamins.
  • Naturally dried to preserve enzymes.

Bee Pollen Information and Usage

Nature's Sunshine Bee Pollen -- a true gift from Mother Nature, contains many essential nutrients. As bees forage, the pollen mixes with nectar and accumulates in yellow granules on the beesí legs. Pollen is an excellent nutritional supplement because of its strong nutritional profile. It contains up to 35 percent complete protein, 22 amino acids, B vitamins, 27 mineral salts, trace elements and several enzymes. Greeks called it the "nectar of the gods." NSP Bee Pollen is naturally dried to preserve vital enzymes. Each capsule contains 450 mg bee pollen.


Bee Pollen Label Information

Supplemental Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Instructions: Take two capsules with a meal twice daily
IngredientsPer Serving% DV

Bee Pollen 900 mg *

* Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients:
Gelatin and water
Statements not evaluated by the FDA. Products not intended to treat, cure, or prevent diseases.
Bee Pollen

100 Capsules
Stock No. 70

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