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Lactase Plus100 Capsules
Lavender Oil - Organic15 ml Authentic Oil
LB Extract2 fl oz
LBS II Capsules100 caps
LBS II VegiTabs100 VegiTabs
LB-X100 caps
L-Carnitine30 Capsules
Lecithin180 caps
Lemon Oil15 ml Authentic Oil
Lemongrass Oil15 ml Authentic Oil
L-Glutamine30 caps
Licorice Root100 Capsules
Licorice Root ATC50 Capsules
Licorice Root Extract2 fl oz
Lime Oil15 ml
Liquid Calcium 16 fl oz.
Liquid Cleanse16 fl oz
Liver Balance (Chinese)100 caps
Liver Balance TCM Concentrate30 caps
Liver Cleanse Formula100 caps
LIV-J100 Capsules
L-Lysine100 caps
Lobelia - Temporarily Unavailable100 Capsules
Lobelia Essence2 fl oz
LOCLO High Fiber Supplement12 oz
Love and Peas Drink Mix675 g
Love and Peas Drink Mix - Sugar Free15 servings
Lung Support - Chinese100 caps
Lung Support TCM Concentrate30 capsules
Lutein60 Capsules
Lymph Gland Cleanse (IGS II)100 Capsules
Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY (HIGS II)100 Capsules
Lymphatic Drainage2 fl oz.
Lymphomax 100 capsules
Maca90 caps
Magnesium180 Tablets
Magnesium Complex100 capsules
Magnesium Complex - $1 OFF each thru Jun 17100 capsules
Magnesium Complex - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE thru Jun 17100 capsules
Magnesium Complex - Buy 9 Get 2 FREE thru Jun 17100 capsules
Marjoram Oil - Sweet15 ml Authentic Oil
Marshmallow100 Capsules
Marshmallow & Fenugreek100 Capsules
Massage Oil4 fl oz
Master Gland Formula120 caps
Mega-Chel 120 tabs
Melatonin Extra60 Capsules
Men's Formula w/ Lycopene60 caps
Menstrual Reg100 caps
Metabomax Free120 capsules
Metabomax Plus120 caps
Methyl Combo60 veggie caps
Methyl Combo - $2 OFF each thru Jun 1760 veggie caps
Methyl Combo - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE thru Jun 1760 veggie caps
Methyl Combo - Buy 9 Get 2 FREE thru Jun 1760 veggie caps
Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete (liquid)2 fl. oz.
Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete (liquid) - $1 OFF each thru Jun 172 fl. oz.
Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete (liquid) - Buy 5 Get 1 FREE thru Jun 172 fl. oz.
Methyl Vitamin B12 Complete (liquid) - Buy 9 Get 2 FREE thru Jun 172 fl. oz.
Milk Thistle Combination 90 caps
Milk Thistle T/R60 caps
Mind-Max90 capsules
Mineral-Chi Tonic - Chinese32 fl oz
Mood Elevator - Chinese100 caps
Mood Elevator TCM Concentrate30 capsules
MSM90 Capsules
Mullein100 Capsules
Multiple Vitamin & Mineral - SynerPro60 tabs
Multiple Vitamin & Mineral T/R60 Time Release tabs
Myrrh Oil - Wild15 ml Authentic Oil
N-Acetyl Cysteine 60 Tablets (250 mg)
Nattozimes Plus (60 caps)
Natural Changes for Mature Women42 Packets
Nature's Chi TCM Concentrate30 Capsules
Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray22 fl oz
Nature's Harvest Drink Mix465g (15 servings)
Nature's Noni Capsules100 Capsules
Nature's Noni Juice16 fl oz
Nature's Noni Juice - 2 (32 fl oz) bottles (Two 32 fl. oz. bottles)
Nature's Prenatal150 tabs
Nature's Three12 oz
Neroli Oil - Organic5 ml Authentic Oil
Nerve Control100 Capsules
Nerve Eight100 caps
Nervous Fatigue Formula - Chinese100 caps
Nervous Fatigue TCM Concentrate30 Capsules
Nervous System Pack (30 Day Program)60 Packets
Niacin - Vitamin B390 Tablets
Nopal 100 caps
NSP A-Z Product GuideNSP A-Z Product Guide
Nutri-Burn Chocolate Drink Mix915 g powder (New Size)
Nutri-Burn Vanilla Drink Mix870 g powder (New Size)
Nutri-Calm 100100 tabs
Nutri-Calm 6060 tabs
Olive Leaf Extract Concentrate60 Capsules
Open Heart - Suppressed Grief Formula (2 fl oz)
Orange Oil - Organic15 ml Authentic Oil
Oregano Oil - Wild15 ml Authentic Oil
Oregon Grape2 fl oz
Pantothenic Acid - Vitamin B5100 Capsules
Papaya Mint70 Chewable Tablets
Para-Cleanse10 Day Cleansing Program
PARADISE Relaxing Oil Blend15 ml
Parsley100 Capsules
Passion Flower100 Capsules
Patchouli Oil15 ml Authentic Oil
Pau D’Arco100 caps
Pau D’Arco Bulk / Tea7 oz
Pau D’Arco Extract2 fl oz
Pau D'Arco Lotion4 oz Tube
Paw Paw Cell Reg180 caps
PDA Combination180 caps
Peppermint Oil15 ml Authentic Oil
Peppermint Oil0.17 fl oz
Perfect Eyes with Lutein60 caps
Phyto Soy90 Capsules
Pine Needle Oil15 ml Authentic Oil
Pink Grapefruit Oil15 ml Authentic Oil
PLS II100 Capsules
Potassium Combination180 caps - 30-day supply
Proactazyme100 caps
Probiotic Eleven90 caps
Pro-Pancreas100 caps
PROSPER Success Oil Blend15 ml Authentic Oil
Protease - High-Potency 60 Capsules
Protease Plus90 Capsules
PS II100 Capsules
Psyllium Hulls100 caps
Psyllium Hulls Combination - Powder11 oz. powder
Psyllium Seeds100 Capsules
PURITY - Refreshing Oil Blend15 ml Authentic Oil
P-X100 Capsules

Select Nature's Sunshine Product group: (A-C)  (D-G)  (H-K)  (L-P)   (Q-Z)  (0-9)