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Contrary to what you might think, you can become a member even if you are not interested in selling or sharing Nature's Sunshine Products. Most people who sign up for a membership use it solely for their own benefit. Membership guarantees that you are getting the lowest cost for your products, because you order directly from the NSP warehouse.

With more than 600 of the finest natural nutrition health and wellness products available in the world today, NSP is your virtual one-stop shopping source for any herb, herbal combination, vitamin, mineral, nutritional supplement or personal care item you may require. NSP supplements -- along with a healthy diet and sensible exercise -- can play a central role in your personal wellness program. We encourage you to share NSP's gift of health with others.

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Signing up is simple, easy and fast!   All you have to do is to place an order of $40 or more and you will qualify for your "Free Membership!" 

Itís simple: Request your free membership with sponsorship by us when you call us or choose your free membership option on checkout when placing your product order at