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We are now signing up New Consultants for Sharing Nature’s Sunshine Products!

Thousands of Nature’s Sunshine Consultants help people discover nature’s healing power every day, and you can too.

First, learn more about our Consultant program.

The NSP Consultant program is for serious wellness advocates looking to champion health and build a career, including: herbalists, health coaches, retailers, etc.

As a NSP Consultant you get exclusive discounts, shipping deals and the tips, tools and info you need to start sharing the healing power of nature and build your Nature’s Sunshine business!

You will share Nature's Sunshine Products via Social Media, Blogs, Newsletters, Email, Text, Display Ads, and Face-to-Face.

What are the Consultant Perks?

  • Earn Anytime, Anywhere
  • Up to 45% Off Purchases
  • Build Your Own Business
  • Set Your Schedule
  • Flexible Income with Full-Time Earning Potential
  • Low-cost, $40 Sign Up
  • Fast Pay & Free Products
  • 2 FREE Shipments a month
  • Exclusive deals & Incentives
  • Training & Education

NSP Consultant Welcome Kit

You will need a NSP Consultant Welcome Kit, which includes an annual Consultant Membership, allowing you to save 25% on all NSP orders, receive 2 FREE standard shipments each month and you get paid within the hour when you share!

To order, please visit and view the Information Page at: NSP Consultant Welcome Kit Stock# K70001 and click on the Buy Now button to purchase a NSP Welcome Kit by paying a $40.00 Annual Consultant Fee. Please have your credit or debit card information readily available.

Yours, for Better health, LLC