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A BetterSunshine Customer Service Representative will gladly assist you with placing your order for Nature's Sunshine Products, when you contact us. We realize not everybody likes to order products over the Internet with a computer. You can help us help you faster by looking up the products you want and making a list of the product names and stock numbers before you call. Please have your credit card information ready. This way we can provide you with better service.

For Assistance placing an order, Regular Business Hours are 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday. When you contact us after regular business hours, our Customer Service Rep will reach out to you during the next business day.

You can always shop Online 24/7. Itís Fast, Easy and Secure.

Why Voice Mail?

Telephone scammers are currently making MILLIONS of silent, hang-up, abandoned calls to random toll free numbers (OURS INCLUDED) in a scheme to collect Caller ID Dipping Fees. The volume of calls has necessitated that all callers be routed directly to voice mail in order to restore some measure of sanity to our day. The scammers call from random, spoofed numbers at all hours of the day and night. They know that most toll free numbers are owned by larger companies and are answered by automated attendants. Automated attendants have no objections to being woken up at 2:00 AM for a few seconds of silence. They also know that many larger companies will ignore the charges for short calls. While we want to personally answer each and every call, we can provide better personal service to each caller by enabling you to leave a quick voice mail (VM) with your name and telephone number to enable us to call you back ASAP.

This telephone scam originated with telemarketing where fly-by-night telephone companies would share the CID Dip Fee with telemarketers making hundreds of thousands of calls per month. Do Not Call (DNC) lists have severely limited the calls possible by legal telemarketers; however, the illegal telemarketers ignore DNC. Now it seems that the scammers have decided to collect the dipping fee without trying to sell something. The calls cost them nothing!

We receive too many silent, hang-up, abandoned calls to our toll free numbers EVERY DAY. When you call our toll free number and are transferred to VM, please leave a VM with your full name and telephone number, starting with your Area Code. We will receive your VM and respond ASAP. Additionally, you are welcome to send an email to us:

If you have a toll free number and are receiving these silent calls, please join the yahoo group:

We are working with the toll free number providers, PSC, FCC and FTC trying to resolve this telephone scam but nothing is happening very fast. With this explanation about why we send all callers to VM, we hope you will understand and appreciate our efforts to serve you better. And, remember, you can always by-pass our VM system by ordering online 24/7.

Thanks for shopping at your BetterSunshine Online Health & Wellness Store for Natures Sunshine Products.