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BetterSunshine Online Store
36525 S Fish Camp Rd
Grand Island, FL 32735 USA
Phone Orders: (855) 855-1759

Natures Sunshine Herbs and Herbal Remedies

Natures Sunshine has hundreds of single, combination, and liquid herbal products. They are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Single Herbs
Combination Herbs

Single Herbs

Alfalfa100 capsules$14.55
Algin100 capsules$23.55
Aloe Vera Freeze Dried64 capsules$32.30
Astragalus 100 Capsules$16.65
Bayberry100 Capsules$28.35
Bee Pollen100 Capsules$16.15
Bilberry Fruit60 Capsules$25.15
Black Cohosh100 Capsules$19.85
Black Walnut100 caps$14.50
Black Walnut ATC Concentrate50 caps$26.20
Blessed Thistle100 caps$18.80
Blue Cohosh 100 Capsules$21.70
Burdock100 Capsules$20.40
Butcher's Broom100 caps$16.15
Capsicum100 Capsules$13.50
Cascara Sagrada Capsules100 caps$13.45
Cascara Sagrada Vegitabs100 Vegitabs$14.55
Catnip100 capsules$23.25
Chamomile100 Capsules$19.85
Chickweed Capsules100 caps$18.30
Chlorophyll Softgels60 Softgels$14.50
Cornsilk100 caps$19.60
Damiana100 Capsules$19.50
Dandelion100 Capsules$14.05
Devil's Claw100 caps$21.95
Dong Quai100 Capsules$24.45
Echinacea Purpurea180 Capsules$30.45
Eleuthero100 Capsules$19.05
Feverfew - High Parthenolide 100 Capsules$25.50
Garlic100 Capsules$15.35
Garlic - High Potency60 Tablets$24.95
Garlic Oil Capsules60 Capsules$16.50
Ginger100 Capsules$14.05
Ginkgo Biloba Extract T/R30 Tablets$24.25
Ginseng - Korean100 Capsules$29.10
Golden Seal100 caps$33.35
Gotu Kola - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 Capsules$16.40
Green Tea Extract60 Capsules$26.55
Guggul Lipid Concentrate90 Capsules$33.35
Hawthorn Berries - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 caps$12.65
Hops100 Capsules$18.80
Horsetail 100 Capsules$15.35
Hydrangea100 Capsules$13.40
Juniper Berries100 Capsules$19.05
Kava Kava Concentrate60 Capsules$27.30
Kelp100 capsules$12.65
Licorice Root100 Capsules$13.70
Lobelia100 Capsules$19.45
Maca90 caps$23.55
Marshmallow100 Capsules$16.15
Melatonin Extra60 Capsules$17.95
Milk Thistle T/R60 caps$32.30
Mullein100 Capsules$14.95
Nopal 100 caps$15.60
Olive Leaf Extract Concentrate60 Capsules$21.45
Parsley100 Capsules$15.10
Passion Flower100 Capsules$16.65
Pau D’Arco100 caps$14.95
Paw Paw Cell Reg - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE180 caps$63.00
Psyllium Hulls100 caps$12.50
Psyllium Seeds100 Capsules$17.20
Red Raspberry Capsules100 Capsules$16.15
Red Yeast Rice120 capsules$22.95
Rose Hips100 Capsules$13.20
Safflowers100 Capsules$20.40
Sage100 Capsules$18.30
Saw Palmetto100 caps$14.50
Saw Palmetto Concentrate60 caps$27.30
Slippery Elm100 caps$14.10
Spirulina100 caps$18.95
St. John's Wort Concentrate100 Capsules$29.60
St. John's Wort Concentrate T/R60 TR Tablet$24.10
Uva Ursi100 Capsules$18.55
Valerian Root100 Capsules$15.35
Valerian Root Extract T/R60 tabs$32.30
White Oak Bark - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 caps$13.75
Wild Yam100 caps$17.85
Yarrow100 Capsules$14.30
Yellow Dock - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 Capsules$17.65
Yucca - DISCONTINUED100 caps$16.15

Combination Herbs

5-W100 Capsules $25.25
AdaptaMax100 caps$21.15
Adrenal Support60 caps$20.65
Anti-Gas Formula 100 Capsules$15.75
APS-II w/ White Willow Bark 100 Capsules$19.70
Artemisia Combination100 caps$17.70
Blood Pressurex60 caps$26.95
Blood Sugar Formula100 Capsules$32.75
Bone/Skin Poultice100 caps$19.60
BP-X100 Capsules$16.90
Bronchial Formula100 caps$33.10
CA ATC Concentrate50 Capsules$26.70
Capsicum & Garlic w/ Parsley100 Capsules$15.60
Cardio Assurance - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE60 Capsules$25.95
CC-A100 Capsules$19.70
Cellular Detox - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 caps$18.35
Cellular Energy60 caps$29.75
Cholester Reg II 90 Capsules$27.30
CLT-X100 Capsules$19.05
Cranberry & Buchu Concentrate100 Capsules$19.95
C-X100 caps$21.45
Detox Basics 30 day program$58.35
Echinacea/Golden Seal capsules100 caps$23.45
Energ-V100 Capsules$18.45
Enviro-Detox100 caps$21.15
E-Tea100 caps$27.30
FCS II with Lobelia100 Capsules$19.05
Female Comfort100 caps$16.65
Fenugreek & Thyme100 Capsules$13.95
Flash-Ease T/R60 Tablets$18.50
Four100 Capsules$20.90
Gall Bladder Formula 100 caps$16.65
Gastro Health Concentrate60 caps$19.15
GC-X100 Capsules$23.25
Ginkgo & Hawthorn Combination100 caps$16.65
Heavy Metal Detox90 caps$20.95
Herbal CA100 caps$16.65
Herbal Pumpkin100 caps$19.05
Herbal Sleep100 Capsules$15.85
Herbal Trace Minerals 100 Capsules$18.55
HSN-W100 caps$16.95
IF Relief90 caps$28.85
Immune Stimulator90 caps$39.45
IN-X100 caps$25.35
I-X100 Capsules$14.75
Joint Health100 Capsules$30.95
JP-X100 Capsules$18.95
Kidney Activator100 Capsules$15.95
Kidney Activator ATC Concentrate50 Capsules$28.05
Kidney Drainage2 fl oz. $24.10
LB-X100 caps$21.15
Liver Cleanse Formula - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 caps$16.95
Lower Bowel Stimulator capsules100 caps$15.60
Lower Bowel Stimulator VegiTabs100 VegiTabs$17.05
Lymph Gland Cleanse - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 Capsules$19.60
Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 Capsules$20.25
Lymphatic Drainage2 fl oz.$23.55
Lymphomax100 capsules$19.85
Marshmallow & Fenugreek100 Capsules$18.80
Master Gland Formula120 caps$19.20
Mega-Chel 120 tabs$25.95
Men's Formula w/ Lycopene60 caps$24.95
Milk Thistle Combination 90 caps$29.45
Nerve Control100 Capsules$16.65
Nerve Eight100 caps$16.40
Pau D’Arco Bulk / Tea7 oz$26.70
PLS II100 Capsules$24.60
Pro-Pancreas Formula100 caps$21.15
PS II100 Capsules$19.85
P-X 100 Capsules$23.25
Red Beet Root Formula100 Capsules$20.90
Red Yeast Rice120 capsules$22.95
SC Formula - Shark Cartilage100 caps$38.65
Seasonal Alergy capsules - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE100 caps$14.75
Seasonal Alergy Vegitabs - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE180 Vegitabs$24.90
Senna Combination100 caps$17.55
Sinus Support EF100 capsules$19.20
Skin Detox100 Capsules$36.35
Slippery Elm Bulk - TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE7 oz$32.55
Small Intestine Detox100 caps$17.70
SnorEase60 Capsules$28.85
Stress-J Capsules100 caps$15.45
SUMA Combination100 Capsules$21.95
Super Algae100 Capsules$30.95
THIM-J100 capsules$20.10
Thyroid Activator100 capsules$15.30
Thyroid Support 60 capsules$20.95
TS II with Hops100 Capsules$17.05
Una de Gato - Cat's Claw100 Capsules$20.40
Vari-Gone capsules90 caps$16.95
Wild Yam & Chaste Tree Combination100 Capsules$17.05
X-A 100 Capsules$24.90
X-Action for Women100 Capsules$19.35
Yeast/Fungal Detox90 caps$16.30


ALJ Liquid2 fl oz$16.05
Aloe Vera Juice32 fl oz$17.30
Black Walnut Extract2 fl oz$15.10
Capsicum Extract2 fl oz$21.45
Catnip & Fennel2 fl oz$23.25
CBG Extract Combination2 fl oz$27.00
CC-A with Yerba Santa2 fl oz$20.25
Dulse Liquid2 fl oz$27.30
Echinacea/Golden Seal Liquid Herb2 fl oz$19.20
Golden Seal/Parthenium Extract2 fl oz$32.95
Hawthorn Berries Extract2 fl oz$21.15
LB Extract2 fl oz$15.10
Licorice Root Extract2 fl oz$17.95
Lobelia Essence2 fl oz$15.35
Oregon Grape2 fl oz$26.40
Pau D’Arco Extract2 fl oz$17.20
Stress-J - Liquid2 fl oz$21.70
Ultimate Echinacea Liquid2 fl oz$19.05
VS-C Liquid2 fl. oz.$18.10