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Chinese Herbs from Natures Sunshine Products

Natures Sunshine has a complete line of Chinese products. Look especially for the new TCM products which are much more highly concentrated, and a better value than the original formulas.

Anti Gas 100 VegiCaps$29.95
Anti-Gas TCM Concentrate30 caps$37.45
Blood Stimulator - Chinese - VegiCaps100 VegiCaps$27.70
Blood Stimulator TCM Concentrate30 capsules$44.20
Breathe Activator TCM Concentrate30 caps$36.70
Chinese Negative Pack - Yin7 Bottles TCM Yin$224.20
Chinese Positive Pack - Yang7 Bottles TCM Yang$224.20
Cordyceps90 Capsules$33.70
HY-C - Chinese100 VegiCaps$26.20
HY-C TCM Concentrate30 Capsules$35.95
IF-C Chinese100 VegiCaps$27.70
IF-C TCM Concentrate30 caps$37.45
KB-C - Chinese100 VegiCaps$29.20
KB-C TCM Concentrate30 caps$33.70
Kidney Activator - Chinese100 caps$22.45
Kidney Activator TCM Concentrate30 caps$31.45
Liver Balance 100 caps$23.20
Liver Balance TCM Concentrate30 caps$29.20
Lung Support - Chinese100 caps$26.20
Lung Support TCM Concentrate30 capsules$32.20
Mineral-Chi Tonic - Chinese32 fl oz$39.70
Mood Elevator - Chinese100 caps$26.95
Mood Elevator TCM Concentrate30 capsules$36.70
Nature's Chi TCM Concentrate30 Capsules$35.95
Nervous Fatigue Formula100 caps$26.20
Nervous Fatigue TCM Concentrate30 Capsules$31.45
Spleen Activator - Chinese100 Capsules$28.45
Spleen Activator TCM Concentrate30 Capsules$40.45
Stress Relief - Chinese(100 Capsules)$28.45
Stress Relief TCM Concentrate30 caps$50.20
Tiao He Cleanse15 Day Cleanse - 30 packets$39.70
Trigger Immune - Chinese100 capsules$27.70
Trigger Immune TCM Concentrate30 caps$36.70
VS-C Liquid2 fl. oz.$20.95
VS-C TCM Concentrate30 caps$29.20
VS-C VegiCaps100 VegiCaps$19.45